As we finish projects and we get feedback from happy customers we like to share their thoughts here.

Robert & Carol Garage/Studio
Project: Porch/Doors/Siding
Project Date: August 2020

Kirk Rouge is a great contractor with excellent skills in a variety of construction techniques.  He has been our go-to guy for the past several years as we continue the rehabilitation (or restoration or renovation?) of our 1860’s farmhouse and barn apartment.   We feel lucky to have found Kirk.  A neighbor had recommended him after he’d done a major renovation for her.  She was spot on when she described him as hard working and conscientious!

We have been impressed by his thoughtful approach to his business expansion, including his professional contacts and their willingness and pleasure in working with Kirk.  We have heard only positive comments from his former and current clients, fellow professionals plus building supply folks too!   If he can’t do something he knows who can and has the professional contacts to avoid unnecessary delays.  His preliminary estimates have been realistic and accurate compared to his completion costs.  He’s conscientious about his billing and explaining in advance if savings can be had or if something extra is required.

There are many things we appreciate about Kirk including his skills and work ethic, his honesty and his creativity.  He shows up when he says he will and works efficiently.  If there is a problem, he lets you know so you can discuss it. 

As you can imagine with an old house, it’s tough sometimes to figure out the best way forward with a building project given the potential for impacting some other aspect(s) of the house.  A number of times Kirk proposed solutions to problems which we hadn’t considered that were simple and/or straightforward.  We were some glad that he did!  

 As you can tell, we wholeheartedly endorse Kirk and KR Construction for any of your building projects and know that you will be as pleased with his work as we have been. 

Kathy and Steve Garage
Relationship: Garage
Project Date: August 2020
We had never had anything built for us and were so incredibly fortunate to hire Kirk. He built the entire exterior and interior of a combined garage/studio and did a tremendous job, largely alone, save for electric and excavation work. He was very easy to work with (communicated extremely well and often), came when he said he’d come, and tried whenever possible to save us money. I have since felt absolutely confident in recommending him to everyone who even so much as hinted they needed work done, and those who hired him have been equally pleased. He is a knowledgeable perfectionist, as well as honest, kind, and fair—the best sort of person to work with and subsequently have as a friend.

Ann Morris, President of Millay House Rockland Vincent Millay House
Project: Edna St. Vincent Millay House
Project Date: June 2020
In our effort to preserve and restore the Rockland landmark where poet Edna St. Vincent Millay was born, Millay House Rockland was lucky to choose Kirk Rouge of K R Construction as our contractor. Kirk supervised the restoration of both sides of the double house, creating two residential units that are beautiful, historic, functional, and comfortable – coming in on time and under budget.

Jim Sharp Boat Shop and Steeple
Relationship: Boat Shop and Atrium Tower
Project Date: Sept. 2018
I am captain Jim Sharp, the founder and director of the Sail Power Steam Museum, a Maritime Museum that I opened in 2007 In Rockland ME. I hired Kirk Rouge to help build buildings, set up displays, build towers, workshops and boat storage facilities. This man is a hard worker. I used to think I was a hard worker but he puts me to shame. Not only does he work hard but takes pride in his work, thinks ahead, is careful and complete and all he does. He has run our power machinery, sailed our boats, was instrumental in setting up the charter business and a myriad of things, by himself, that would have taken two average people or more to accomplish. I found him honest, principled and forthright in all respects. I would rehire him to accomplish my projects anytime just to watch him perform. Kirk is top notch in my book.